Labcorp’s at-home Covid test kit

I used this test kit a few times, here is my experience with it

Pro: you can stay at home for most of time – from ordering it online to getting the results from your email, the only time you need to get out of house is that you need to drop it off at a Fedex mailbox. It is more convenient if you don’t have access to a local covid test.


  1. If you need a Covid test outcome in a few hours then obviously you won’t choose this product because from the moment you order it to the moment you get the results it takes about 5 days: 2 days from shipping to your home and you swab the same day you get the box and it takes another 2 days for it to be shipped back to their lab and the results usually come out in 24-48hrs. So if you have the test kit in hand, then it may take about 2-3 days to get result back which is similar to the turnaround time of local hospitals and clinics.
  2. The report might not have the same authority as tests taken at local hospitals which has supervised swabbing. This one you can swab yourself at home with a cotton tip and you don’t usually go that far in your own nostrils and that decreases the sensitivity of the tests.
  3. You have some very specific instructions to drop it off before the Fedex mailbox dropoff time on the day you swab yourself. This requires you to plan your day ahead accordingly.

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